Vista and Office 2007, a Match Made in Redmond....

Joined at the hip, and indeed better together?

With the launch of the latest iterations of the Window client and the Office System, the Redmond company has virtually joined the two products at the hip. Addressing both the business and home user crowds with the separate releases on November 2006 and January 2007, Microsoft brought to the table the "inseparable couple" Windows Vista and the Office 2007 System. It was a win-win scenario for the Redmond company, as sales of the platform will generate sales for the Office suite and the other way around. Neither of the two products would be left behind, dragging on slow sales.

And it was nothing short of a winning bet for Microsoft and the software market. The latest statistics made available by the NPD group point that Office 2007 sales have made the software market virtually explode to its highest point in almost a decade. But not only did the Office 2007 System contribute to the new apex of the software market since 1999, but also to sales of Windows Vista. In fact, the NPD Group attributed no less than 80% of the increase in software sales to $3.3 billion in 2007, from $2.9 billion in 2006, to Vista and Office 2007.

One relevant aspect in this context is that, despite having aimed to sell double the volume of XP with Vista in the first year, Microsoft only managed to pull this through with Office 2007. The NPD Group claims that Office 2007 is selling at over 100% compared to Office 2003. And of course that in this regard it seems that Office 2007 and Vista are a perfect match. Microsoft even has resources designed to illustrate to end users the intimate connection between Vista and office 2007. Case in point: Demo: Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system - better together.

"The first time you see the 2007 Microsoft Office release running on the Windows Vista operating system with the Windows Aero user experience, you'll notice a difference. And what you see on the surface is just the beginning. Microsoft conducted extensive research to find ways to make it quicker, easier, safer, and more fun to get your work done. From more search options and enhanced file browsing to great visual cues for finding what you need, you'll find a lot of changes - for the better - in how you work every day. Watch this demo to see how the 2007 Office system and Windows Vista perform together to improve your work experience," Microsoft revealed.

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