Vista Halo 2 Plans Details

PC and Xbox 360 interaction

Even if Windows Vista for home users was not launched yet, some games have been confirmed to have Vista support. One of these games is Halo 2 for PCs. Some information about this Microsoft venture is revealed in a Q&A session on

From what it has been revealed in this Q&A session note that you'll be able to play Halo 2 Vista online and even interact with your friends on the Xbox 360 free of charge. By implementing this option, Microsoft wants to encourage Xbox 360 players to upgrade their account to Live Gold. They promise to reveal more information about the online plans for Halo 2 on Windows Vista, and they will do so as soon as Microsoft is ready to spill the beans.

Halo 2 features a newly built game engine as well as the Havok physics engine, some new weapons and vehicles, new multiplayer maps, and continues the story of Halo: Combat Evolved. As of November 8 of 2005, over seven million Halo 2 units have been sold worldwide, being the best selling game for the Xbox. If you were to ask me, Halo 2 has chances of becoming the best selling PC, with this Windows Vista exclusive.

Apparently, Pi Studios will be producing editing tools for Vista Halo 2. Using these tools players will be able to create their own Halo 2 levels. At first, it was announced that Halo 2 Vista will be released before the end of 2006 but later on they changed the release date for 2007. This game will link the Live Anywhere network with the Xbox Live network.

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