Visitors of Popular Finnish Site Served Scareware via Advertiser Network

The incident occurred between December 1 and December 4

Over the past few days, visitors of a popular website from Finland,, were targeted with a piece of malware served to them via an advertisement provided by a third-party network.

According to F-Secure, malware detections recorded a considerable increase between December 1 and December 4 because of this incident.

Fortunately, users who had their antivirus applications updated were most likely not affected, apart from the fact that they were presented with a pop-up that informed them about the threat. rushed to disable the malicious advertisement. The company reassured customers that there was no data leakage and that the site itself wasn’t attacked.

F-Secure experts reveal that the malicious element was a piece of scareware called XP Antivirus Plus 2013. The threat informs victims that their computers are infected with all sorts of viruses, after which it asks them to register the application in order to get them removed.

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