Visine Poisoning: Man Puts Eyedrops in Girlfriend's Drink

Shayne Curtis Carpenter bragged about the prank to his friends

A man from Alta Sierra, California has been arrested for poisoning his girlfriend with Visine eyedrops, which he has put in her drink.

The unnamed victim alerted authorities at Nevada County Sheriff’s Office about feeling ill and believing to be poisoned on Tuesday, March 5.

According to the Union, 27-year-old Shayne Curtis Carpenter has been arrested for the crime. In a phone conversation with the victim, he admitted to poisoning the woman.

“We got admissions from him over the phone, when he was admitting to her, that he had done this,” Lt. Steve Tripp of the Nevada County Sheriff Department says.

ABC News details that Carpenter sent text messages to his friends bragging about what he had done. He wrote about meaning the Visine to be a joke, but the prank going wrong.

“It definitely will cause nausea and vomiting,” Sgt. Dan Saunders describes.

His girlfriend was treated at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, and incurred no serious wounds. She has been released from medical care and is recovering.

Carpenter placed more than one drop of Visine in the woman's drink after a heated argument. The mechanic has been charged with poisoning and domestic violence and detained at the Nevada County Sheriff's Office in Grass Valley, California on Thursday, March 7.

He has since been released after posting a $25,000 (€19,200) bail. While the “Visine Prank” is supposed to cause violent diarrhea, Wikipedia informs us that the issue is not listed among side effects of ingesting Visine.

However, it is known to cause nausea, difficulty in breathing, blurred vision and it affects the body's core temperature, prompting hypothermia.

Its active ingredients include potassium chloride and tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. The latter is a vasoconstrictor, and can bring on either extremely low or extremely high blood pressure.

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