VirtualBox 4.3.12 Brings Better Performance on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The latest version of VirtualBox can be downloaded from Softpedia

Oracle has announced that its VirtualBox virtualization product for enterprises and end users had just reached version 4.3.12, bringing numerous fixes.

The VirtualBox solution is capable of running a large number of OSes, including Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts, not to mention a lot of other guest additions.

The developers of VirtualBox have been working hard on this latest branch of the software and they’ve already issued a few updates for the applications. This latest one is just a maintenance update, but it comes with numerous fixes that make this a mandatory upgrade for anyone who is using it.

According to the changelog, an occasional Guru Meditation error that only occurred on Mac OS X system has been fixed, a rare condition that would fail to invalidate guest TLB entries on the Windows platform has been fixed, a VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED Guru Meditation seen with certain guests (like OpenServer 5.0.7 for example) has been corrected, more fixes for MSR emulation on certain hardware have been implemented, the mouse positioning with mouse integration is no longer disabled and multiple guest screens, a crash in the VM manager has been fixed, and a crash that occurred under rare conditions when entering or exiting fullscreen mode has been fixed.

Also, the dependency of the boot script on older Debian systems has been corrected, the symbolic link to the shared folder helper has been fixed, VBoxService no longer crashes during a guest execute for users without a password, a bug in the guest execution where the guest process terminated with VERR_INTERRUPTED to the host has been fixed, the generation of malformed ICMP error datagrams has been corrected, a potential crash in DNS proxy has been fixed, and better support for Ubuntu 14.04 has been implemented.

VirtualBox was working just fine on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, even before today’s update, but the developers have implemented a few fixes that should make the experience a lot smoother. The Linux platform didn’t have too many problems, so the VirtualBox devs focused on smaller issues, mostly for Windows and Mac OS X.

The VirtualBox 4.3. branch of the software can be considered a very stable one, especially after the large number of updates that have been issued until now for the application.

More details about this release can be found on the official announcement. You can also check our review of Virtualbox and you can also download VirtualBox 4.3.12 from Softpedia.

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