Virtual and Real Lives Have One Common Thing: Moviestorm

Create, direct and shoot your own movies and make Uwe Boll jealous

Most of the people in this world would really love being a movie star but, unfortunately, that is impossible. The good thing is that technology is so advanced at the moment, that it manages to compete with real life itself. Yes, this includes movies as a whole and even though, at the moment, you can't become a virtual movie star, you have quite some chances to direct your own flick and present it to the entire world.

And one of the easiest way of doing so is by using Moviestorm - a "powerful form of creative expression", as the developers call it, considering that the term "game" doesn't cover everything you can do with it. And we don't really care how it is called, as long as it helps us to make movies easily and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Still... that's not everything! Moviestorm really wants to go big (and take us together with it), so it decided to sponsor this year's Sci-Fi London, the UK's only dedicated SF and Fantastic film festival that will take place between 30 April - 4 May 2008. All the participants at the film festival will receive a free copy of the software so everybody will see what it can do - meanwhile, you can do the same by visiting the official Moviestorm page, where some user-created movies are already awaiting.

John O' Boyle, CSMO for Moviestorm, said: "This is a key sponsorship for us as we will be making several announcements to coincide with the Festival. Science fiction is hugely popular with amateur movie-makers, but it's quite daunting to shoot an SF movie with real actors.  Machinima (Note: the technique that's behind Moviestorm) is a great way to enable amateur movie-makers to shoot SF, because you can easily make use of costumes, environments and effects that would otherwise be way beyond most budgets. This film challenge will really unleash people's creativity and enable both novices and more experienced film-makers to venture into all sorts of new territory."

Basically, Moviestorm looks like a much more advanced "The Movies" - it comes with some better graphics, "technical" possibilities and so on. You can create the sets and the characters for your movies as you see fit, film each scene using multiple cameras - which means an increased freedom regarding the "final look" of your movie - and a lot more. Upgrades and new content are constantly released, which means that the possibilities of creating a movie exactly as you see it are almost endless.

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