Virtual Webcam on Your Messenger

Text chat, voice chat...VIDEO chat!

Want to chat with me? No? Even if I gave you access to my webcam? Oh…now you’re interested. You are probably more than familiar with the instant messaging. Yahoo Messenger, MSN (now Live Messenger), Skype, AOL, ICQ compete to attract more and more adepts and we cannot say they are few. In an ever developing and evolving environment, online chat thought instant messaging clients has become a daily routine. There are lots of people who do not even have a phone but they cannot live without messenger.

Yes, it’s true; this alternative way of communication tends to replace the conventional phone based on a decisive criterion – the price! What price? Well, that’s the point. There is no price! It’s totally free (excluding the internet connection costs). And the price inexistence is not the only solid argument. The features are absolutely delicious. In a single package you get text chat, voice chat and even video chat. Why use the phone when you can write in silence? Why use the phone when you can voice chat for free?

Why use the phone when you can actually see the conversation partner? I am not trying to shatter the phone! I’m just presenting the advantages of an instant messaging system under a normal scenario. Going back to the features list, I want to focus on one particular aspect: video chat based on a webcam.

Webcams are so cheap nowadays that do not represent a computer deluxe device. When attached to a computer, users can send real time images over the internet while engaged in a conversation. Herby video chat got live. For those who do not own a webcam yet, I will present you a way to let your messenger friends believe you have a camera on. Webcam holders always got assaulted with conversation requests, getting cooler in the virtual world. Why not become cool yourself? At least try to!

Add a virtual webcam to your messenger client

If you did not buy a webcam yet, there is a cool method to create a virtual webcam to be accessible through the messenger client. Using Fake Webcam application, you will be able to continuously play video content. People accessing you webcam will see video clips that you choose. Interesting, isn’t it?

The application developed by Web Solution Mart is able to allow users to broadcast favorite movie clips (mpeg, avi and wmv) through the messaging client. It supports all IM clients like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AOL, Camfrog etc. The application can be downloaded from Softpedia by clicking here. It is free to try for a period of 30 days. After this period, you must register in order to be able to use it.

Once the application has been installed on your system, you need to provide the video files that are to be played and shared during the chat. The “+” button is in charge to add the video files. Click on it and select the video file you want to share. Looking at the menu, next to it there is the “X” button which is used to remove video files from the playlist and then there is the Play button.

Now, the IM client needs some adjustments. You must check the preferences and at the camera source, choose Fake Webcam. For instance, in Yahoo Messenger, go to Messenger > Preferences > Webcam and in the right, select Camera Source. From the drop down menu, select Fake Webcam and you are ready to roll. Make sure you clicked the play button in the Fake Webcam application and start inviting friends. It will be fun, I guarantee!

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