Virtual Sex Is Now a Reality

With the MagMag-HOLE and Virtual-STICK from Girls Rainbow

As we all know, online communications have become increasingly important over the past few years, reaching a point where online communities are more developed and much more popular than real ones. However, up until now, there was still a particular area yet bound to the real world, that of direct intimate physical contacts. Not anymore, it seems, since the people from Girls Rainbow have just announced a very innovative system that will allow every user to have virtual sex in real life.

The system consists of two different parts. The first one is called MagMag-HOLE and, as you can see from the pictures, resembles closely one of the most popular sex-toys around the world, namely the vibrating vagina replica. Moreover, the MagMag-HOLE features 9 separate motors, which allow it to duplicate various modes of sexual activity. The second part is the Virtual-STICK, which is more or less an ordinary vibrator. Both devices connect to a computer's USB port, and this is where the "magic" starts. By using a broadband Internet connection and a special software provided by the company, the persons using these virtual-sex toys can connect to each other and interact (the motions from one device are transferred to the other and viceversa), thus achieving a complete virtual-sex experience.

However, the company offers its users more than the chance of having sex with their loved ones. It seems that they've created some "interactive movies", which allow the male or female users to have sex with actual porn stars, thus carrying out their wildest fantasies. From a practical point of view, this system could actually be pretty useful, since it might actually reduce the number of patients suffering from various STDs. On the other hand, it might mark the beginning of what I would call "online promiscuity", where people might wind up having virtual sex with complete strangers. Wait, isn't that one of the most widespread fantasies around?

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