Virgin Mobile USA Launches Studio V Mobile Content Community

Users can create their own wallpapers and ringtones and earn money

Virgin Mobile USA announced the launch of Studio V, a mobile content community that enables users to create mobile wallpapers and ringtones and earn money for this. The content created by users is made available to other Virgin Mobile customers for purchase, the content maker receiving money each time his creations are downloaded.

Virgin Mobile customers can upload and edit graphical content, such as photos and other graphics, to make personalized wallpapers and edit the already existing audio content to make personalized ringtones. Customers can choose to submit their content to a private gallery which is accessible only to the content creator, or to a public gallery which is accessible to other Virgin Mobile customers for download, ratings and comments. Content creators will earn ten cents for each item purchased, which will be credited to their Virgin Mobile accounts. All content is screened by 9 Track Mind using technology screening solutions.

Personalized real-music ringtones can also be created through Studio V's web-based ringtone mixer available at the website. Preloaded with thousands of original audio files, the mixer allows customers to drag and drop tracks from a sound library, then arrange them to create their own ringtones. The original audio files offer a large array of genres such as rap, reggae, country, rock and others, including vocals and sound effects.

"Our customers are some of the most creative and prolific people around, so this Studio V exclusive application is ideal for them to customize mobile content as well as connect with the larger mobile community, along with the added benefit of earning cash towards their Virgin Mobile account," said Dom Tolli, vice president of Mobile Data Services, Virgin Mobile USA. "The ability to upload and share creations is another step in our effort to expand peer-to-peer connections with user-generated content within social networks."

Virgin Mobile USA customers can join Studio V at no charge here and gain free access to graphics uploads and the content creation tools. Consumers who want to download user-generated content to their handsets have to pay $1.99 for each wallpaper and $2.50 for each customized ringtone.

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