Virgin Mary Statue Unearthed near Boston Nursing Home

The statuette spent 20 years in the ground, being discovered 20 days before Christmas

The Boston suburb of Hopkinton is home to a regular Christmas miracle this year, as a Virgin Mary statue was unearthed last week.

According to CBS Boston affiliate WBZ-TV, workers were doing construction in the proximity of the Golden Pond assisted living facility, when they found a statuette of the Madonna.

Pictured above, the statue is in mint condition, even after spending the last 20 years in the ground. Nonetheless, it has to be restored, and locals are planning to place it in the building’s chapel.

Naturally, everyone is excited about the find, and dub its unearthing 20 days before Christmas a good sign.

"I think the statue is absolutely beautiful [and] I think it's a precursor of good things to come for this place," Golden Pond resident Andrea Brass says.

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