Viral of the Day: Yasha Swag, “Pickles”

Aspiring singer attains fame online even though his is the worst song ever

You have to admit, recent months have made us quite immune to bad music, mostly because of the many bad music videos to go viral. However, nothing could have ever prepared us for the one above.

This dude is named Yasha Swag and hails from Ireland. His song is called “Pickles” and has over 10 million hits on YouTube in less than 2 weeks.

To say that “Pickles” is bad is like saying that the Earth is round. More importantly, it’s not even bad in a funny way, it’s just simply awful.

With words like “You know you got it when you have it/ So I have it when I got it,” a title like “Pickles” for no apparent reason,” and a video to make your eyes tear up (not in the good way), Yasha Swag is definitely up for the honor of worst viral singer of the year.

Oh, and “First comes night/ Then comes day” is how another line goes. My hunch is that Swag knows which came first, the egg or the chicken.

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