Viral of the Day: Worst Free Throw Ever

A player at Appalachian State misses a shot, ends up on YouTube

Check out this video of a professional basketball player, if you want to feel like you are very skilled. He attempts a free throw, but ends op on YouTube, in the site's fail niche.

Over the weekend, this clip uploaded by Western Carolina University, under the username wcu62TV, has gathered almost 1.75 million views.

The footage is part of a Western Carolina University game played with Appalachian State, and it pokes fun at the other team's skills. Player #24, center Brian Okam, is the one who misses the shot, Business Insider tells us.

Even the announcers are stunned when they see this dreadful shot, which just makes the whole thing funnier to watch.

“My goodness. I don’t know what that was. Good Lord!” they burst out.

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