Viral of the Day: Sailor Dresses Up like Darth Vader for Son's Party

A U.S. Navy Sailor uses his 96-hour leave to surprise his son, on his birthday

A U.S. Navy Sailor dresses up like Darth Vader to surprise his son at his birthday party, and he gets a great reaction.

This heartwarming clip comes from Susie W., the mother of the birthday boy and of Princess Leia, also in the clip. The sailor's wife originally uploaded it to the Welcome Home Blog, but the clip made its way to YouTube.

Dad's homecoming is received with joy and laughter, making for a truly unforgettable moment.

Susie gives a little context to the otherwise random scenes:

"At the time of the video (May), our kids had been separated from their dad for almost 3 months. They thought they wouldn't be seeing him until December. My son had stated that he wanted a Star Wars party so he could be Luke and fight Darth Vader (whom he thought was going to be his older cousin),” she wrote.

Her husband had been deployed for the first time, and made an effort not to miss their son's party.

“My husband came home for 96 hours to surprise our son at his birthday party... dressed as Darth Vader,” she clarifies.

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