Viral of the Day: Val Kilmer Pokes Fun at His Forgettable “Batman”

Actor shows a sense of humor, makes cameo in Ricky Gervais’ mockumentary

A new episode from Ricky Gervais’ mockumentary “Life’s Too Short” is here to remind you of all those reasons you loved Val Kilmer back in the day when he was the Brad Pitt of his times. Check out his cameo above.

Kilmer is reunited with his “Willow” co-star Warwick Davies to help him out on a project but, before getting down to business, he wants to prank Davies’ secretary.

Well, prank might not be the most appropriate term since he slips on a Batman mask to see if she can recognize him. It’s more of a test, if you will.

As she goes through the names of the most memorable Batmans, starting with Christian Bale and ending with George Clooney, it becomes clear that, if anything, Kilmer still has a healthy sense of humor, especially where his own career is concerned.

I love this bit in the segment above. And I will even go on record to say I loved his Batman, too.

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