Viral of the Day: Time Traveler in 1938 Film Caught with Cell Phone

Conspiracy theorists, get your tinfoil hats: here’s proof time traveling is possible

Conspiracy theorists, now’s the time to get your tinfoil hats ready. Though first posted online about a year ago, a short 1938 film is again getting a lot of traction online for claiming it provides irrefutable proof that time traveling is possible.

Chalk it up to today being April Fools' Day. Or maybe it’s true that fascination with this topic never wanes.

The video shows a group of women leaving the Dupont Factory in Massachusetts. One of them seems to be talking into a mobile phone type of device, which she then removes – and it certainly looks like one of the cell phones we’re using today.

Word online has it that she’s a time traveler, though who she could be talking to in a time when there were no cell towers is a mystery. Unless, of course, she was calling someone from the future and the connection was established through who knows what means we’re not yet familiar with.

Aliens, perhaps?

The Daily Mail writes that one person claiming to be related to the woman says that she was actually testing a communications device – one of the 5 prototypes that had been made at the factory.

However, the accuracy of said claim is yet to be determined, which brings us back to square one: do you think the woman was a time traveler?

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