Viral of the Day: The Ultimate NFL Fan Experience

If you love your team as much as you say you do, give them your healthy organs

With the Super Bowl literally around the corner, perhaps it’s time you thought about doing something for your favorite team as well. For instance, help them be great by donating your healthy organs to them.

“The Ultimate NFL Fan Experience” PSA (we can call it that, you know) urges football fans to show just how much they love their teams by not just cheering from them, but also providing them with healthy organs (and limbs) when their own are destroyed.

Of course, this is a spoof, coming straight from UCB Comedy and director Ben Weinstein, but it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.

Shot entirely in black and white, the ad urges fans to part with limbs, eyes and even brain tissue as the ultimate sacrifice for their favorite teams. This is also their chance of being in the NFL, in a way.

Best of all, the ad features the most awesome Morgan Freeman voice impersonation ever. Check it out.

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