Viral of the Day: The Dumb Ways to Die Song

Metro launches odd campaign, silly but effective video to go with it

Chances are, in this day and age, you really don’t need telling it’s not ok to set fire to your hair or to ingest super glue or other such nonsense, but Metro is making sure you really get the idea.

Check out their Dumb Ways to Die campaign above.

The song and video premiered just a short while ago and I truly believe it isn’t getting the attention it truly deserves.

The purpose is to warn people to “be safe around trains” but the execution goes beyond the nagging typical of such campaigns.

The PSA notes that, just like it’s dumb to stick a fork into the toaster while it’s still plugged, it’s also dumb to ignore signs at level crossings, sit on the edge of the platform or try to be a daredevil around trains.

Trains, they kill people.

Some of those cute beans that find their demise in the video above (but still manage to put on a little dancing number) can attest to that.

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