Viral of the Day: Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil Is a Drunk Mess

44-year-old mother makes a fool of herself at NYC gay club

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil is making headlines again and, this time too, we don’t believe her family is proud of her antics. Above is a video of her completely drunk at a NYC gay club.

Tanning Mom earned this nickname after she made national and international news for allegedly taking her baby girl (5) to the tanning salon because she was looking too pale for her taste.

She denied the claims but, by that time, she was already “famous.”

Here is more of that: Krentcil enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, in the fast lane.

She was scheduled for an appearance at the club but showed up already drunk out of her mind and did not disappoint when it came to causing a scene.

If the video above is not enough to help you get an idea of just how wasted she was, TMZ has more from the same night.

We’d say enjoy but, just this one, we’d rather you didn’t.

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