Viral of the Day: Symphony of Science – Al Gore on Climate Reality

This musical project delivers crucial information in an entertaining way

Courtesy of John D. Boswell, here is a video discussing climate change and its related issues in a rather entertaining way, which is bound to draw in significant amounts of attention.

The video is part of this musician and producer's series “Symphony of Science,” and basically delivers information everyone should be acquainted with by means of music.

Some would argue that this couldn’t possibly qualify as a viral video, seeing how it only scored about 94,000 views.

However, the fact remains that it went from having about 5,000 hits to having over 90,000 within a rather limited time span (roughly 48 hours).

Therefore, there are many who believe that it has every chance of ranking as a top-rated video sooner than one might expect.

As one comment puts it, “This video is firing.”

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