Viral of the Day: Richard Simmons’ Reaction When Car Runs Over His Foot

Video shows why fitness guru is so popular: he’s unbelievably awesome

A new video from paparazzi website TMZ has emerged online and is getting a lot of traction in the blogosphere. It shows the iconic Richard Simmons talking to fans and, apparently by accident, documents his awesome reaction when a car runs over his foot.

Check it out in full above.

Some voices claim that the video is fake because the beloved fitness guru has a reputation for staging “stunts” like this one for publicity reasons.

I choose to believe differently, if only for his reaction when the car runs over his foot, which seems quite genuine.

You have to admit, if the video is legit, Simmons handled the whole thing with a lot of class and even more humor. And that is why, kids, he is so awesome.


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