Viral of the Day: Reporter Owns Videobomber with STD Question

Jessica Sanchez of WKMG covers Super Bowl preparations, is well prepared herself

The video above is proof that you should never even try to videobomb Jessica Sanchez of WKMG, at least not when she’s trying to cover the Super Bowl preparations in New Orleans.

Check it out.

Sanchez is talking about “zombies” and the glass-eyed folks who have already kicked off the Super Bowl party even though it’s not until Sunday, when she’s actually approached by one of them.

An apparently tipsy lady tries to videobomb the reporter and get herself some screen time, when Sanchez turns to her and “innocently” asks her if she wants to give them an interview.

As it happens, they were just talking about STDs. “So how long have you had an STD?” she asks, still feigning interest in what the woman wanted to say in the “interview.”

Obviously, this is just the kind of thing she doesn’t want to talk about in front of the camera. She got owned, big time.

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