Viral of the Day: Queen Elizabeth Dodges Sword at Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral

Video shows Lord Mayor’s sword nearly hitting the Queen in the face

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth turns 87 this Sunday but, according to reports in the local media, she still has the reflexes of a cat. Check out the video below to see her dodging the sword of the Lord Mayor of London.

You do have to watch pretty closely, though.

The Queen had just arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral for the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, where she was welcomed by the Lord Mayor Alderman Roger Gifford, who was wearing the Mourning Sword.

“After proffering a formal greeting, merchant banker Mr. Gifford turned smartly on his heel to lead the royal couple up towards the Great West Door where the Archbishop of Canterbury was waiting,” the Daily Mail writes.

“But as he swung round, the large black steel sword swung wildly towards the sovereign, just missing her face,” adds the tab.

I wouldn’t say that the sword “just” missed Her Majesty’s face, but it did come pretty close. And you can see clearly in the video that she pulled back and, afterwards, whispered something to the Duke of Edinburgh.

I don’t believe she was too pleased about the whole thing.

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