Viral of the Day: Psy Does Lady Gaga, Beyonce Routines

Psy was just as fearless before “Gangnam Style” as well

Psy may be driving many crazy with his terribly funny but just as annoying “Gangnam Style” but, as it turns out, he was always like this: crazy, fearless and incredibly funny.

Today’s Viral of the Day video is lifted from a 2011 concert and sees the South Korean pop star – who is now getting ready to take over the US and Europe – dancing to some very famous routines.

Check it out.

First, Psy does a Lady Gaga routine in a red pleather dress complete with thigh-high boots, and later changes into a ridiculous leotard for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

Most definitely, he’s got better moves even than some of the dancers behind him. As we said above, funny and fearless.


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