Viral of the Day: Persian Cat Reginald Takes a Bath

This is simply “the best cat video on the Internet,” Reddit users say

This video showing a Persian cat named Reginald taking a bath has been around for quite some time, but it is only now that the online community decided to turn it into a viral sensation.

Most of the people who watched the clip say that it is simply “the best cat video on the Internet to date.”

Truth be told, Reginald is annoyingly cute and the voice narrating the whole bath process makes the experience sound a lot like a majestic quest.

It may very well be that more often than not cats hate taking a bath, but Reginald's ordeal truly stands out amongst all other videos of cats being shampooed, rinsed and blow-dried by their sadistic owners.

From where we stand, it is possible that cats refuse to take a bath because they are very much concerned about the environment and do not want to waste our precious water resources.

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