Viral of the Day: Katy Perry Is Loki

Video reveals secret connection between pop star and “Thor” villain

A few days ago, a video from Katy Perry's upcoming concert movie emerged online, showing her without makeup. If you thought she resembled someone else, you weren't wrong.

The video above is confirmation that Katy Perry is secretly connected (perhaps even related, if not actually the same person!) to Loki, the evil god from “Thor” and “The Avengers.”

ScreenTeamPlus is the one to brag about this discovery, writing on YouTube that Katy is actually Loki – you know, when she's not touring, shooting music videos or recording albums to dominate the charts.

Loki, as any comic book fan must already know, is a god from Asgard, the half-brother of the God of Thunder, Thor. He lost the throne, so that's why he's constantly frowning and scheming.

Check out the video above for a guaranteed laugh.

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