Viral of the Day: Kanye West Doesn’t Open Doors, Not Even for Kim Kardashian

Paparazzi video makes rapper the laughing stock of the net

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are now expecting their first child together. After a short family vacation in Greece, which, of course, was taped for their reality show, Kim joined Kanye in Paris for some couple-time and several shopping sessions.

Thanks to the French paparazzi, we now have proof that Kanye simply doesn’t do doors. Check out the video above.

As Concrete Loop points out, one would expect the rapper to at least open doors for his pregnant girlfriend but the thought seems so remote to him that it might very well not exist at all.

My favorite part in the video is when they arrive at the Givenchy store and he just halts in front of the glass door until Kim opens it.

Nothing says chivalry like something like that.

Concrete Loop also says something about Kanye being too grim whenever he’s with Kim, but I think this is just him still trying to maintain some sort of street cred – as in, I might be dating a reality star with not the most spotless reputation, but I’m still a seriously swaggy dude. That sort of thing.

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