Viral of the Day: Jerzy Janowicz’s Meltdown at Australian Open 2013

Tennis ace gets into screaming match with chair umpire believing he’d been wronged

Jerzy Janowicz is the first to admit that he has certain issues keeping his emotions in check, and this was definitely obvious from his meltdown at the Australian Open, during the match with India’s Somdev Devvarman.

Check out the video above to see what happened. It’s already gone viral.

Clearly, Jerzy believes that chair umpire Marija Cicak is out to get him, so when he hears her rule that Devvarman’s ball wasn’t out as he believed, he just flips out.

He drops to his knees and starts yelling at her “How many times?!” repeatedly, even begging her to pay more attention to the ball because that’s not the first time she didn’t see what happened.

Later in the game, the Huffington Post reports, Janowicz even threw a water bottle at her chair and got even closer than before.

Afterwards at the press conference, he admitted to going a bit “nuts,” but said he hoped he wouldn’t get in any more trouble because he hadn’t said “anything bad.”

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