Viral of the Day: Jay-Z’s Sister Trolls News Reporter

Woman becomes viral star after news blooper is posted online

Some time ago, Jay-Z got everybody talking when a video of him chatting up an old lady on the subway emerged online. As it turns out, he forgot something on the subway: his own sister.

Check out the video above to see what the fuss is all about.

While reporter Checkey Beckford was trying to make a live coverage at the subway, talking about some good news for commuters, Jay-Z’s “sister” is seen coming from behind her to yell into the camera about her famous sibling.

No word yet if Jay-Z ever got someone to pick his sister up and bring her back home, but one thing is certain: the woman is now famous, having become the latest viral star.

Unfortunately (for her), it’s very rare that Internet fame actually translates into something more concrete, like money in the bank.

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