Viral of the Day: Honest Trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises”

Too many questions, but film doesn’t offer any answer for them

Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” was one of the most anticipated and best performing movies of 2012, but that’s not to say it was without flaw. All of them are painstakingly pointed out in the video above.

It’s another Honest Trailer from the awesome guys over at Screen Junkies, which places a lot of emphasis on how much tension built up before the release, and was transformed into frustration once it was out in theaters.

Being a fan of the franchise, I can’t agree with them picking on details that are taken directly from the comics (and, as such, are not required to obey the rules and principles of our reality), but that’s not to say the video isn’t fun.

Starring “the cast of Inception,” “My Cocaine” and “Bane Boobs,” and riddled with incongruities as it was, “The Dark Knight Rises” remains one of the most solid outings of this year, without a doubt.

Now, enjoy the Honest Trailer!

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