Viral of the Day: Honest Trailer for “Skyfall”

New video from Screen Junkies highlights some of the film’s biggest flaws

You can’t call yourself a movie buff and not have heard of the “Honest Trailer” series from Screen Junkies. Above is a brand new video from it, an Honest Trailer for the latest James Bond film, “Skyfall.”

Check it out.

“His name is Bond, James Bond... and everyone in the universe seems to know it. Seriously, can this guy keep anything secret?” Screen Junkies says in the video’s description.

From the fact that a super secret 007 agent can’t keep a secret, to the plot holes, the incessant action and too much focus on landscape shots, “Skyfall” could be one of the most overrated movies of last year, this video argues.

While I do appreciate the humor, I will respectfully disagree: taken out of context, these “arguments” hold water, but not anymore when placed in the proper context: that of the movie.

What do you think?

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