Viral of the Day: Honest Trailer for “Inception”

Screen Junkies gives in to fans’ demands but spoof falls a bit short

The guys from Screen Junkies have long made Internet history with their hilarious Honest Trailers, videos for popular releases that aim to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about each of them. Their latest offering is for “Inception.”

Check it out above in full.

“You asked for it, we ignored it, then asked 400 more times, and we listened. I guess dreams really do come true, unless they're in this movie – in which case we'll never [expletive]-ing know,” they write in the description of their brand new Honest Trailer.

Chris Nolan never set out to make “Inception” an easy movie, so from the start this would mean it has plenty to offer for Screen Junkies to pick on.

The brand new Honest Trailer makes a few, very interesting points but, towards the end, it feels a bit forced. I must admit it didn’t get me LOL-ing like I was with some of their other videos. It could be just me, though.

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