Viral of the Day: Harlem Shake Takes Over the Internet

Video goes viral, turns dance into the latest and hottest thing to spoof

The Harlem Shake dance has been around since the early ‘80s, but here’s a side of it you’re never likely to see in a music video. It’s more fun and leaves plenty more room to be your creative self.

Thank you Internet for a new trend.

In August last year, Baauer, aka Harry Rodrigues, an American producer, uploaded the video above.

Today, the Harlem Shake is the most spoofed video online and, by the looks of things, this is a trend that’s not likely to go away too soon.

Whether you do it underwater, at work, at home or at the mall, with friends, your kids, your roommates or even your work colleagues, the idea behind the Harlem Shake is to just let go and have some fun.

Also, you need a mask for whoever is opening this.

Check out some of the most popular viral videos on the topic below. Us humans sure know how to have fun… in the weirdest ways possible.

Twerk it!

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