Viral of the Day: Gollum Sings “Les Miserables” Song

If Gollum had been in the film, he would have stolen Anne Hathaway’s thunder completely

If you ever wondered how Gollum would have fared had he been cast in Oscar-favorite “Les Miserables” as Fantine instead of Anne Hathaway, today brings you an answer. Check out the video above.

This guy does the most amazing Gollum impersonation ever and, most importantly, he does it on music too.

The bit he’s singing is “I Dreamed a Dream,” inarguably one of the most emotional scenes in the “Les Mis,” in which Fantine bemoans her tragic fate after falling in love and putting all her faith in a man.

Of course, Gollum being Gollum, he sings about Bagginses, and how he’s lost Precious and is heartbroken about it.

Incredible job. For a maximum effect, I’d recommend listening to this without watching the video, so you can imagine Gollum crying his little heart out.

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