Viral of the Day: Funniest News Bloopers of 2012

Video sums up some of the craziest things on TV this year

If you have 14 minutes to spare, here’s my suggestion on how to spend them: check out the video above, a summary of some of the funniest bloopers on television this year.

We have rhinos passing gas, dogs and cats materializing out of thin air, people trolling reporters when they’re not watching, reporters throwing around words they don’t understand, children making faces, and the expected but always hilarious slip of the tongue, all rolled into one massive, awesome video.

Local news stations all across the US, thank you for making this possible because nothing beats some unscripted comedy.

*Please note that some discretion may be recommended when viewing it because of several instances of graphic language that may offend.

This said, do enjoy! And here’s to an even funnier 2013!

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