Viral of the Day: Fox Reporter Stops 2 Girls from Kissing Him

Trolls try to cut him off while he’s reporting on the Boston Marathon bombings

Of all the reporters in the US to interrupt during a live broadcast, two girls thought the guy in the video above, from Fox News, who was covering the Boston Marathon bombings, was the perfect choice.

Check out the video which is just now starting to get a lot of attention online.

The reporter is talking about the bomb attacks during the Boston Marathon, which resulted in fatalities and hundreds of people injured, when two girls come on his sides in an attempt to each plant a kiss on his cheek.

It’s a less rude method of trolling than dancing or making faces in the background, or yelling over what the reporter is saying but, man, talk about bad timing.

Since the reporter was probably in Boston at the time, this makes the girls’ trolling attempt even more inappropriate so no wonder so many are on the Fox News guy’s side on this one.

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