Viral of the Day: Family Comes Shockingly Close to Humpbacks

The video was shot in Australian waters, near Fraser Island

This footage showing how a man sailing with his daughter in the Australian waters near Fraser Island came shockingly close to a pair of humpback whales is bound to cause quite a stir in the online media community.

Seeing how the marine mammals are curious enough about both the boat and the people in it to swim within arm's reach of them, it is no wonder that the daughter is very much concerned that they will end up turning them topsy-turvy.

Fair warning: she is so concerned that she ends up enunciating some foul words. Therefore, viewer discretion is recommended when watching this video.

Although the video was first uploaded on the Internet in mid-September, it is only now that the media community grew a “sweet tooth” for it and made it go viral, Huffington Post explains.

Hopefully, these great close-ups of endangered humpback whales will help raise awareness with respect to how amazing these marine mammals are and how much they need help if they are to escape extinction.

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