Viral of the Day: Faking the Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Furious Pete shows the road from ripped to flab in just 5 hours

We've all seen and marveled at them. The before and after weight loss / muscle building photos are everywhere, especially online. Furious Pete is here to show us how they're done.

As the video above will show, they could be shot at just 5 hours apart and with some help from trick lighting, angles and Photoshop.

However, the real secret is in the timing of the pictures. The after, he shows, can be taken shortly after a very intense workout, with the pumped up muscles made to stand out even more, with fake tan and oil.

The before picture, taken just 5 hours later in Furious Pete's case, is the result of lots of fatty and salty snacks, plenty of unhealthy food and carbonated beverages, which obviously make you look very bloated.

By this time, the muscles are no longer swollen and Pete is no longer flexing them or highlighting them with oil.

So there you have it: an “incredible” transformation from fit to flab in just 5 hours. As Pete puts it, never believe some things, even if you see them with your own eyes.

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