Viral of the Day: Dogs Teaching Chemistry – Video

Today's lesson: chemical bonds and how they hold atoms together

Most people agree that chemistry is a rather tedious topic, but when you have a doggie duo teaching you all there is to know about chemical bonds and how they hold atoms together, things stand to get a lot more enjoyable and entertaining.

These two pooches belong to Lauren Curtis, a chemist by profession who happens to be very fond of training dogs.

Once these two interests got combined, chemistry got a lot cooler and those thick-skulled can now become acquainted with its mysteries in a rather fun way.

Needless to say, this also helps make sure that, once inside one's head, the information stays there.

Since it was uploaded, this past Sunday, the video has scored more than 69,000 hits, and many agree that they would simply love it if their chemistry teacher came up with a similar method of getting his/her points across.

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