Viral of the Day: Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland

Now that “Star Wars” belongs to Disney, what will Darth do?

The other day, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm and, with it, the “Star Wars” franchise. If you’re wondering what that means for Darth Vader, the video above should provide you with an answer.


The video is actually a commercial from Disneyland, but in this context, it fits like a glove.

“Darth Vader, now that you’re part of the Disney family, what will you do next?” it asks. It then shows Vader strolling through Disneyland (like a boss) and enjoying the sights (like a tourist).

Disney paid $4.05 billion (€3.12 billion) for Lucasfilm and has already announced “Star Wars: Episode 7” for 2015.

Further details are still under wraps, but fans are busy speculating on who might star in it, as well as the helmer who could do justice to such a project.

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