Viral of the Day: Couple’s Breakup Song

Ivory and Jonathan announce their breakup in a song, urge friends not to choose

Engagement songs are not new but, as it turns out, a song can be made – and a good one, while we’re at it – even when it comes to sadder events in the life of a couple. Above is one such example.

Ivory and Jonathan (who is a musician, just in case you were wondering) have been together for 5 years, but they have come to the conclusion that their romance has reached a dead end.

Instead of getting all their friends together to share the news with them, they wrote and performed the song above, in which they explain their decision, the reasons that led to it, as well as their hopes for the future.

Because he wants to have children and she doesn’t, they really don’t see any point in staying together, but they want their friends to not feel forced to “choose” between them.

Breakup is as hard as it is, they say sing, they don’t want to be losing friends over it as well.

Check it out.

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