Viral of the Day: Christmas Song Mall Flash Mob

Groups of carolers start singing O Come All Ye Faithful in a shopping mall

Flash mobs tend to be very energetic, involving bystanders in complex dance moves. This time, a serene sing-along is going viral.

A Christmas Song Flash Mob can even endear Grinches, as a crowd bursts out into caroling in a mall. This video, posted on November 28, received almost 60,000 views so far, and it definitely deserves more.

It all starts with a woman singing O Come All Ye Faithful in the food court. The shopping mall offers the perfect arena for other “shoppers” to join in.

It is heartwarming to see how a Christmas song can bring people together. It doesn't hurt that the unlikely carolers have great voices. The sound is enhanced by the store's architecture, which helps carry it.

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