Viral of the Day: Charlie Chaplin Gets Autotuned, Sounds Awesome

If had a brother, he would probably sound like this

Out of all the people in the world to get the Autotune treatment, Charlie Chaplin would have probably been the last name to cross my mind. Then again, here it is, in the video above.

Melody Sheep took Chaplin’s speech in “The Great Dictator” and turned it into what could be this week’s earworm, “Let Us All Unite!”

Voices online note that the song sounds pretty much like something would put out, but I would argue this one can tip the scales in its favor because it also has lyrics that actually mean something, aim to send a message.

If you don’t agree with me (and I imagine there are many of you who don’t), at least you will give me this: this “song” is way better than actual songs that are being put out there, like “Thanksgiving” and “Friday.”

Check out the video and drop me a line in the comments section below with your take on it.

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