Viral of the Day: Bronco Bama Girl Is Happy Obama Won the Elections

4-year-old Internet star strikes again in adorable video

In this day and age, it takes nothing but a video of only a few seconds to attain international fame. The Bronco Bama girl is the best example in this case.

Bronco Bama girl is actually Abigael Evans, a 4-year-old girl from Colorado. Just in case you were wondering about her, you should know she’s actually relieved Barack Obama won the elections.

Abigael became an Internet star when her mother posted a brief video of her bawling that she was “tired” of the Presidential elections.

The video above shows that she’s past that stage and is actually relieved that Obama was re-elected for a second run. And yes, even though she’s not crying, she’s just as cute and almost impossibly adorable as before.

About 90,000 people in Texas can’t say they feel the same way.

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