Viral of the Day: Amanda Bynes PSA, “Stop Caring”

The power to change is in your hands, says new spoof

Amanda Bynes has been all over the news these past couple of weeks in particular, but the time has come to stop paying attention to her. This is the message behind a brand new “PSA” that you can see in full above.

The brainchild of Official Comedy, the video shows three people talking about why it’s unhealthy to follow every one of Amanda’s moves, while urging us all to stop.

“Stop. Caring. Now!” they say at one point, as dramatic music plays in the background. We have the power to change in our hands, they say – and sound pretty convincing as well.

Among the suggestions to help us get over our Amanda Bynes obsession: getting a dog, calling our parents or, in fewer words, getting a proper life.

So, as fascinating Bynes’ incredibly odd behavior might seem, think of the video above next time you pay attention to anything she might do.

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