Viral of the Day: Always Get Mariah Carey’s Good Side on Camera

E! interview goes viral after diva refuses to be shot from the side

Mariah Carey is perhaps the first to admit that there’s no bigger diva than her, so I imagine no one could fault us for calling her so based on the video above.

It’s an interview with E! News about the new season of American Idol that came out last week but is getting plenty of traction just now. Watch it and you will understand why.

Though the interviewer stands to the side and the camera is to the other, Mariah makes a visible effort to be facing the camera even when she talks.

This happens even when everyone else is looking in the different direction, towards the interviewer.

She leans on Randy Jackson as if he were a prop, and she constantly turns to smile and pose for the camera. Clearly, the other side of her face is completely off limits.

It might sound unbelievable, but I actually like her more now. It’s like she’s in a world of her own and doesn’t even care what we might think about it.

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