Viral of the Day: 5 Minutes of Cat and Dog Loving

Who said dogs and cats can’t be friends is obviously yet to see this clip

We’ve heard so many times that cats and dogs don’t get along that it’s almost impossible to believe the contrary. Yet, it can happen: we actually have 5 minutes worth of footage to confirm it.

Above is a 5-minute lovefest between man’s best friend the dog and his nemesis the cat.

The video is a compilation of older clips, many of which I imagine you already know because they went viral a long time ago, in which pooches and cats are getting all loved up for the cameras.

There’s licking, there’s cuddling, there’s massaging and, yes, there is a lot of love in the air. And cuteness.

Useless to say, the video above is just what the doctor ordered to kickstart another one of those blue Mondays.

Enjoy – though it’s impossible that you don’t.

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