Viral Photo of the Day: Virginia Shop Closes, Owner Mourns Obama Win

R.T. Lyons fears Obama will raise taxes on the wealthy, and put an end to his jewelry shop

This year's elections in the States are bringing many to tears, including the President himself, but one store owner from Virginia needs an entire day to get over his sorrow over Obama's re-election.

“Closed to mourn the loss of the America that our forefathers endowed to us,” R.T. Lyons posted on the front door of the Lyons Jewelry shop.

The melodramatic owner of the Bedford jewelry store explained to WDBJ7 that he felt actual grief over the outcome of the elections, and that he predicted an apocalypse for small business owners like himself.

“I just didn't feel like coming to work. There are many days I feel like that as a small business owner,” he said, still in disbelief.

As he sells luxury goods, he fears Obama will raise taxes on the 1 percent, and put him out of business in the process. He is convinced this is the end of him, as the President surely “seeks his demise.”

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