Viral Photo of the Day: Big Bird Casts Its Vote

Mysterious bird-like creature swoops in for the vote

It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's humor columnist John Kelso, of the Austin American Statesman, swooping in for the vote, early on election day.

The editor poked a little fun at the entire election process by casting his vote while wearing a giant yellow bird costume.

It turns out it isn't illegal to vote while wearing a chicken suit, although it may seem laughable.

Other voters in Travis County, Texas, share the spotlight in this viral picture, but they can be seen looking completely bored and not perplexed at all by Kelso’s choice of voting apparel.

Kelso explains the Big Bird getup was politically motivated, as Mitt Romney was threatening to pull the plug on PBS funding, even though it's the same network that created the Big Bird character that the Republic candidate claimed to “love.”

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