Viper Defender, the Mother of All Stun Guns

950,000 volts

This is a gadget that will show everybody just how serious you are about personal security. I trust Viper Systems when they say that their new Viper Defender is the most powerful stun gun in the world.

This little sucker, and when I say "little sucker" I mean no bigger than a deck of cards, packs 950,000 volts. That's close 1 million volts. I'm not a big fan of defense weapons, but I have to say I'm impressed, especially since most stun guns are rated under 500,000 volts.

You might think that kind of voltage is enough to kill somebody, but the company denies by saying "it's not lethal". That might be, but you should check out some of the videos posted on the site. They're showing some "intelligent" beings zapping themselves with stun guns for "the purpose of meaning". There's a text below, which says that the stun guns used in the videos were not Viper Defender units and that their voltage was under 500,000.

If that is the effect of mediocre stun guns, 950,000 volts going through your body must be exponentially painful.

Good thing it comes with an on/off button, otherwise you might have found yourself accidentally stunned in the subway, making people think you are a lunatic or an epileptic.

Despite the specs, the Viper Defender is priced at $89, which also includes a holster. Quite a bargain!

If you want a multipurpose device, check out the Anti-Violence Electrode Shock Gun. This one can shoot out "anti-violent" paint bullets, rubber bullets (15 meters range) and pepper spray (5 meters range). It can also spit probe cartridges (similar to those found in a Taser gun) that can zap victims with a 30 KV electronic pulse (3 meters range).

Or, if you want a more girly device, there's the baby seal, which is quite a toy compared to the above stun guns.

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