Violent Adam Lambert Arrested in Finland

Singer gets into violent altercation with boyfriend, spends the night in jail

Adam Lambert is now in jail, after getting into a very serious altercation with his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. The incident occurred in Finland just hours ago, and also involved several bystanders, it has emerged.

That the singer is in Finland is no secret, since he made sure he kept his fans updated about his visit there on his Twitter page.

It was to be expected that he be there in the company of Sauli, whom he met while on tour in Europe and has been dating since last November.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton claims to have it on very good authority (i.e. from reports in the local media) that Adam and Sauli got into a very violent fight outside a club, and were eventually taken into custody.

Admittedly, Adam also attacked a few people who tried to intervene to keep him and Sauli from fighting.

“The American Idol alum was arrested In Helsinki outside of gay bar Don't Tell Momma around 4:00 AM after getting into what the local media described as a 'huge fight' with his Finnish boyfriend, reality TV star Sauli Koskinen,” Perez writes.

“Both Lambert and Koskinen were arrested and are at this moment still currently in jail,” he adds.

“What's worse, local Finnish media reports that some outsiders tried to break up the fight and Lambert attacked them as well! The injuries were not serious,” Perez further notes.

Granted, Perez doesn't have a squeaky clean reputation when it comes to breaking news, but he did have a couple of stories he got from legitimate sources throughout the years.

For the time being, these are all the details available on the so-called arrest. Knowing Adam, he will probably tell fans himself what happened, precisely because he hates leaving room for speculation about his personal life.

Speaking of which, in an October 2011 interview with Advocate, Adam opened for the first time about his relationship with Sauli, saying he didn't want to have it play out in the press in all its details – but adding for fans that he was happy.

“You know, honestly, when you start talking so much about your relationship, it opens the door too much. I’ve only been in one major long-term relationship prior to this, and I’m really, really happy,” Adam said, as we also informed you at the time.

Fans can only hope now that nothing has changed.

[*Update December 22, 2011]: Both Adam and Sauli were arrested, but have been released since. An investigation is underway. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed Perez Hilton's story.

[*Update December 23, 2011]: Adam speaks on the arrest, explains everything here.

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